Wouldn’t you just believe it.

Last night I asked Terry to get a lucky dip lottery ticket instead of one with my usual numbers on it.  I checked the results just now and four of my usual numbers came up.  Thank goodness we would only have won a small amount.  Can you imagine how I would be feeling, right now, if all my numbers had come up?  I shall stick to my faithful six numbers henceforth because I would prefer to not win the lottery by my numbers not coming up than by default.  Sheesh!



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6 responses to “Wouldn’t you just believe it.

  1. Curiosity

    My lucky clover did its job but you just did not tell it you changed your numbers did you!I was thinking only this morning that your little Izzy must be a big girl now, one her own two feet and up to all sorts.

  2. penny

    @Anne…darn, I forgot all about your four leaf clover.Yes, Izzy is growing into a lovely, cheeky girl.

  3. Mystic

    Wow, that was a close call, stick to your numbers and I’m sure you’ll get something out of it and good luck Penny maybe if you win you can send a dollar to all your spaces friends LMAO

  4. Jennifer

    Hey Pen, sounds like Curiosity’s clover has really wielded magic on us, hehe. Just stick to your numbers I think. SOmetimes people’s faith is not firm enough and the time they shake it is just the time they are going to win. Faith can move mountains.

  5. Happy

    Oh Pen, glad it was a close call and not a head-banging event! Faithfulness can be rewarded. Perhaps a lucky dip and the usual six suspects? I bought a LOTTO ticket for tonight’s paltry weekly…not like the 35 million weeks ago but still I think on what I could do with all these Canadian moolahs. Best of luck Pen on the lotto! Should we win I think a luncheon in Paris or somewhere with shopping a must-do. Big Smiles, :)

  6. Happy

    How did this week’s lucky dip do?

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