Days of wine and roses

The days of wine and roses continue and I can hardly believe what a lovely summer we have had.  It will be autumn all too soon and I am greedily soaking up these wonderful days and storing them in my mind in readiness for colder days.  Right now my trusty camel overcoat seems an absurd item of clothing but it does the job of keeping me toasty when the winds start blowing in off the sea in winter.

Terry takes Wendell to a beach much further than our local one and dogs are allowed on it.  Wendell goes swimming most days now and has a great time.  I wish I could go with them but my legs won’t allow it.  I have to content myself with shorter trips to the park.

Margate is full of tourists these days, in sharp contrast to previous years.  It is lovely to see the old town buzzing with life.  Margate has some of the cleanest beaches in the country and are made of fine golden sand, which makes them ideal for young families.

Margate Main SandsThis beach will be empty at the end of summer, except for dogs and their owners and then I can watch my boy swim again.



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4 responses to “Days of wine and roses

  1. Happy

    Hi Penny, love the photo. The view just connected with life in YVR. Seems we (northern hemisphere) live such similar life stories of the seasons. Summer there is summer here with people scooting to the beach. I go less seldom due to walking and bus ride. But I did live on beach when younger and see how perennial activities of the seasons. I don’t want to think about autumn just yet. Take care. :)

  2. Sheila

    Hi PEN glad you are enjoying the weather where you are, as you say it is good to see the town buzzing this time of year. Same here in Cornwall plenty of vistors . Enjoy your weekend xx Sheila

  3. Happy

    Hope still lovely beaching weather. YVR continues cloudy but slim on rain this summer. Hope this does not imply another drenching autumn/winter. Fortunate time that the weather does smile on YVR-ites. Take care.

  4. Robin

    Hi Penny, yep we have a lot of ‘tourists’ here at the moment. It’s great for local buisness so i won’t grumble.Ah, little Wendell swimming. LOL That must wear him out.

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