Clipping mad

Yesterday, instead of spending a fortune on getting Terry’s hair cut by a barber, we splashed out £5.45 on electric clippers and I had a go at doing it myself.  It all went disastrously wrong, at first but in the end I managed a halfway decent job.  Now, the dog is eying me warily.




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6 responses to “Clipping mad

  1. Tricia

    Penny you’re brave, and maybe you should have started on the dog??!? Mind you, I wish I could have done a half as good job as you have!

  2. Curiosity

    Well done, you will get the hang of it. I did hairdressing course years ago, I figured that as I had two daughters becoming teenagers it would save money to do their hair. I do my husbands hair and occasionally the grandchildrens, they always have me to do their first haircut.Terry must be happy otherwise he would not have posed for a pic! It is beard trimming that I am not keen on, those whiskery bits just ping all over the place when they are cut!

  3. Richard

    Pen I need a hair cut , but I will pass on your method lol

  4. Philip

    What about his beard, Pen! That’s in need of a urgent tirm I’d say? haha ;). I shave my own head, just give myself a number 1 then shave it very close with no clipper heads on. I’ve never really liked long hair, especially in Summer, I don’t mind in Winter I can let it grow for a while then because actually serves a purpose.Thanks for the thumbs up on the Vlog idea, Pen! If and when I do it I’ll be sure to send you the link to the channel, but you’ll to have to NOT call me by my name as I want to remain anom. :)Hope all is well! :)- Phil

  5. ravingpoet

    ah, you must have the attachments on securely – I started with a no.4 for my partner, the plastic clippers came off the shaver part way through, and he ended with… well almost bald patches! He trusts the barber now.

  6. Deb's

    Hiya Pen ((hugs))I cut the hubbies hair (well I use the sheep shears on him) and i always giggle every time, cos when i get about half way through i think a power cut would be good when his heeeed is half shorn.but then I’m eeeevil. ;))

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