Blue is not always pretty

Horror of horrors, my computer showed the " blue screen of death " late last night.  As you can see, all is all right now but only after much fixing and a system restore.  I have no idea what caused this near disaster but it once again reminded me how much I depend on my computer.  If it really broke, I do not have the wherewithal to get it fixed.  Fingers crossed I do not get a repeat.



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2 responses to “Blue is not always pretty

  1. Curiosity

    My aunt has found a very handy man to know from visiting the local Silver Surfers club, turned out he lives two doors down from her and since losing his beloved wife he has educated himself in all things computerwise. He is so pleased that his efforts, successful usually, are rewarded not by cash but with a simple thankyou and the usual flurry that all men require when fixing something of telling him how wonderful and clever he is. A homemade cake or soup suffice as well. There are lots of people like him out there only to willing to help you just have to come across one!

  2. cheryl

    Oh no, dreaded terror of the blue screen!!!! Hope it doesn’t happen again, Pen. It’s a struggle hanging onto the net at the mo and the thought of no access to it is scary. I feel daft but am sure am not alone!! Hope you come across one of these handy men lol xx

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