Family….you just gotta love ’em.

Last night, my brother phoned out of the blue, saying he would pop in for a visit today, which was great, even though we are broke until Tuesday and out of smokes.  He turned up with a large packet of tobacco and then whisked us off to the pub for a couple of bevies.  After that, we went to the shops with him and he bought all the ingredients for a pork curry, which I cooked.  His fiancée joined us for dinner and an enjoyable evening was had by all.  They have gone home now and I am sitting here, glowing in the after warmth of my brothers generosity and love.  Families, you just gotta love ’em. 



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7 responses to “Family….you just gotta love ’em.

  1. Curiosity

    Plenty of leftovers for tomorrow I would hope! Nice to have satisfied tummy and mind when day has been good.

  2. Chris

    Lovely !well…. apart from Pork Curry(not sure about that)It seems we’re on opposite cusps regarding income – mine was last Wednesday (skint already).LOLMind you – saved £20 as I had a reprieve from British Gas (no payment this week).Don’t forget to get the answers in early enough so’s I can send you [;enty of clues back in time.he heTCCx

  3. Happy

    What a wonderful visit and the pork curry smells delicious. Great leftovers I imagine. And what a dear to bring along a pouch of tobacco as bonus! Lovely post.

  4. penny

    @ Chris…pork is great for curry. It may not be authentic but with the right spices it tastes fantastic and it is cheaper than chicken.

  5. Robin

    Morning Penny,Ah, that’s so nice of your brother. Special lady like you deserves to be treated. Umm, any curry left? LOLHave a good day

  6. Curiosity

    Turkey is under rated. A whole drumstick which is plenty for two and enough for two days meals is good roast one day and curried the next, it only cost about £1.25. It is not like xmas turkey at all and people are most surprised and enjoy it. Texture like lamb, taste like pork.

  7. Tricia

    What a wonderful feeling …. and curry is even better the next day, so I hope there’s still some left ..

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