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6 responses to “Amazing

  1. Curiosity

    Can you imagine being the first person in the world to witness that!! Not something you would think that could happen even in your wildest dreams. Beautiful!

  2. Jennifer

    Science always seems mystic yet thrilling in my eyes, say the myriad of miracles it creates.

  3. Philip

    Hiya Pen!It’s basicily a iron fileings soloution? I remeber making iron filing pictures in school with magnets. Very interesting, this isn’t the first time I’ve seen something like this though, I saw a music video years ago doing the same thing with little balls of the stuff. I don’t know how did it though, how could they make an individual ball condence and then join a bigger ball? hmmmmmYes, Chuck is tha man with the skills, mind and beard for the job! He’ll find a cure for UC, just you wait and see! LOL! ;)Things are same ol’ same ol’ with me Pen, thank you for asking. Hope all is well with you too, love! :)- Phil

  4. crowded

    hi penny, i hope ur well, my friend. thank you for sticking with my story. i wasn’t actually complaining about comments but the stats were pretty abysmal. i guess its a bit of a change of pace from the poems. anyway, be lucky my dear friend. :-) phil

  5. Happy

    Stunningly gorgeous! Watching vid made me wonder just how much of the beauty of the world I miss when I am too hurried or living too much in my brain. The most amazing transient fluid sculptures. Thank you so for sharing this small moment of the world.

  6. Happy

    I so wanted to try this today but local market out of nanoparticles. Wouldn’t you know it? Hope it was most amazing day Pen

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