To snip or not to snip………

Wendell’s test results were phoned in to us today, giving him a clean bill of health.  We have been given some multi purpose parasite killers that I am a bit worried about using.  Wendell has no fleas so apart from worming I don’t really see the need for the rest of this toxic cocktail.  The vet is very keen to give Wendell the unkindest cut of all.  The cost is over £100 and is not covered by our pet care plan.  Wendell says he will leave home if we have it done because he would not be able to feel superior to the cats, who have already lost their private bits.  So the question is… snip or not to snip? 



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6 responses to “To snip or not to snip………

  1. Curiosity

    If Wendell were a bitch then I would encourage you to have it done as the risks of ailments caused by not doing so are too many. However, with a dog, unless he has an aggressive trait – which Wendell obviously does not – then they should be left until at least 3 years old. There are risks to health which I won’t go into here, but they are not too common and symptoms would show in time to deal with if they arose. My vote would be to leave it. If he does not come into contact with other dogs constantly and the cats have flea collars on then a shampoo with flea repellant now and again should be enough. Mo has never had fleas or worms, but I do shampoo her with a mild insecticidal shampoo and brush her often. Anyway, how cute would his little puppies be………..aaahhh!

  2. Robin

    Hi Penny, i don’t know enough about dogs to comment. So, it’s up to you really. Go with your instincts.

  3. Clad to hear Wendell is healthy and good thing. Vets cost so much. Pairs has to go back for more shots by fall. I m so grateful to have her still. No more Cats for Me. Just her , Wally and Ross. Have a Great Weekend.Lisa

  4. Martin

    Tricky, personally I wouldn’t unless the tetosterone (can’t spell) started to change his behaviour for the worse especially as it is a lot harder to stick them back if you don’t like his behaviour after ;-)Do what feels right

  5. Sheila

    Good to hear dear little Wendell is fit and healthy, not sure about this one Pen maybe wait and see for a little while longer. xx

  6. Deb's

    LOP IT OFF…. oops did i thunk that out loud…lol just kidding, I think its an awful lot of money to be spending if there is little chance of him coming into that kind of contact with any regularity… although it only takes the once….lol there’s no rush is there, give him some time… who knows he may not even show and interest in the "girls" as it were ;)) lolhugsdebsxXx

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