Triple choc ice cream, apples and blood test

Wendell went for his check up at the vets today.  The vet said Wendell has very hairy ears and will need to have the hairs trimmed regularly.  I thought only hairy old men got that.  Wendell also had blood taken for testing and we shall hear the results soon.  There is nothing wrong with the little chap,it is just that our vet is very conscientious.  Wendell weighs 16.9 kilos now and the vet says if he reaches 25 kilos he will be classed as a large dog and our fees go up. Things always come down to money.

When we went shopping, I bought a tub of triple choc ice cream, which is very naughty.  Now I am pondering on whether to eat a portion of it or be good and have an apple…..hmmm.  See ya, Pen.



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7 responses to “Triple choc ice cream, apples and blood test

  1. Curiosity

    Got to be the choc. Some vets do bump up the costs via our love for our pets, afterall it is a business. But what can we do, we trust them. Wendell is probably daft enough to let you do his ears, bless him.

  2. penny

    @ Anne…yep, done them already.

  3. Robin

    Crikey didn’t know vets charged by the size of the animal! Ice cream Penny, then the apple.Wendell? Stop growing.LOL. Bless him.

  4. Karen

    Ice -cream! Have the ice-cream! Can you tell I’m hormonal? xxx

  5. cheryl

    Lol…, now what would I choose?? Eat alot of apples so I want the icecream lol!! Aw, can just imagine you doing the ears…got to be better than doing mens nasal hairs, Pen!!? Hee. Have a great weekend! xx

  6. Brent

    Perhaps Wendell has earned some choc ice cream? On old men and hairy ears, bill cosby once said "men don’t stop growing hair all together, it just moves from their head to their nose and ears!" ROFL

  7. Sheila

    Well I never knew that Pen the weight thing as you say it all comes down to the money, so expensive.Go on enjoy the ice cream yummy xx

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