Mackerel and toast for breakfast and a nice black coffee made with water boiled in my new kettle, ahhhh.  I am making a home made lamb Rogan josh for dinner tonight as I already have the spices I need and I really fancy a curry, for a change.  I got a good deal on some stewing lamb yesterday and  I think a casserole is just wrong for this time of the year.

£1.75 bought Wendell a new toy, which is a rubber pull thingy.  He shakes his head whilst holding it, thus giving himself a bit of a whipping but he seems to enjoy it.  He refused to be photographed in action but here he is anyway.  Right then, gotta go do things, Pen.




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8 responses to “Ahhhh

  1. Brent

    Looks as though Wendell is teasing you to go for the new toy…

  2. Curiosity

    I love that dog! Look at him, soppy thing!You bought Mackerel!! The shoals are in on the coast where you are now….a fishing line with a few feather on it should catch enough to fill your freezer and its free. Have you seen the sights of the shoals when they beach? I have at Herne Bay, it was amazing, the sea seemed to boil with the fish all at the surface in a frenzy, yet sad as well, the waters edge was red with blood from people walking through the fish and bashing them to death for food.Get Terry and Wendell out fishing next time you only have couscous.

  3. Sheila

    Wendell is so lovely look at that cheeky face, that curry sure does sound tasty just the thing for a day like today xx Sheila

  4. crowded

    hi penny, mmm, i love curry! and i was in margate visiting a friend a coupla years ago. thanks again for ur comment on mine. much appreciated. oh and as for apathy and cynicism, no-one is worse than me. i just happen to know it, lol. makes it worse, i spose. anyway, i hope ur a little drier there than we are in macclesfield-on-rain. be lucky. phil

  5. Chris

    SNAP !I’m doing a curry too – couldn’t get any lamb so it’s chicken again.HmmphJust dropped Jack home – soaking wet. Although theirs is only 5 miles away as the crow flies, it’s a 10 mile trek on the bus into town and back out again. Hoards of soaked shoppers in town – and on the big wheel – madnesslolEnjoy the Curry and…. maybe follow Curiosity’s suggestion re the fishinghe heTCCx


    Damn everybody seems to have the same idea… whipping himself…Yes I do that all the time….Ahhhhh..D XX

  7. Deb's

    Penny put the kettle on, Penny put the kettle on,Penny put the kettle on, and we’ll all have TEEEEEEEEE!!! ;))just how much did you love that first cuppa eh? congrats on the weight loss, just soz about the circumstanceslove and hugsdebsxXxthink curiousity has the right idea… fishing… and its something you can do together, even wendall will enjoy the time out..lolxXx

  8. penny

    @ debs LOL.

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