Nearly there

Today is the final day of penury.  We only just made it but I can almost hear the money jangling in my purse now.  I have lost half a stone this past fortnight, proving that poverty is the best diet.  Tonight, for dinner, we have couscous.  Yep, just couscous with onions.  I do believe it will prove to be an interesting meal.  I have never eaten it before.  I found the packet malingering at the back of a cupboard, where it was placed after an impulse buy three months ago.  At least we don’t have to buy a telly licence for another year.  Roll on tomorrow!!!!!




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12 responses to “Nearly there

  1. Curiosity

    Maybe you should get Terry to do a few veg in the garden. It shows in the purse when I am at the checkout and only bought meat and not a bit of veg. Rhubarb, Runner beans and lettuce alone save the cash and even with couscous you would have a bit more to fill your plate! Not too late to sow some salad leaf seeds.

  2. Chris

    Well done on surviving the wretched empty purse. As I’ve said before, I share your angst. Crap ain’t it ?Couscous – once it’s soaked etc – add a little butter (if you’ve got any).If not – then don’t.And, no, I’m sure my attendees realise that the particular Penny is the bad kind.Keep smiling and enjoy – Weetabix for meLOLCx

  3. Chris

    Rhubarb ?I can get you 20 seeds for a quid !!

  4. Karen

    I love couscous have you any veggy stock cubes they perk it up a bit :) and any other veg chopped up is yum too (I would say spicy veg stew but you need a few ingredients for that) roll on tomorrow for you… our money day is friday :)

  5. Philip

    Hiya Pen!Well done! Half a stone! I don’t eat like King either, just something special once a week hahaha. Curry or some second rate frying steak with salad. I’m actually 22st now, so I REALLY need to lose some weight, but as you know with the illness I have it aint that easy! urgh! Btw, my illness is same old, same old.Well done again and have a good week! :)- Phil

  6. ravingpoet

    Love couscous. Can I come for tea?Congrats on your loss of half a stone. I was going to start running again, but my other half turned out the shoe cupboard and threw 1 of my trainers out. Don’t want to hop! J x

  7. Tricia

    I also love Couscous …. one of my favourite standbys as its so quick … but I do add bits of anything … veg, bacon bits, chopped egg, spoonful of bovril/marmite/veg stock ….. tinned tomatoes … just about anything with some herbs …. and don’t forget a little salt or it will be very bland. Well done surviving the month … I hope you get to treat yourself with a little something in the next day or two.

  8. penny

    @ all who commented here….I had no veg, butter, stock cubes, bacon or tomatoes. The dinner was awful but it filled a hole. :)

  9. Curiosity

    I hope Wendell had his dinner! Did he offer to share?

  10. Karen

    Oh dear… thought that was probably the case. Shame the dinner was horrid, a better one tomorrow x

  11. penny

    @ Anne….I never run out of pet food,; I buy in bulk. Wendell sniggered slyly as I ate my dinner and the cats just looked very superior.

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