Pennies from Heaven.

You know how it is when you are broke?  You don’t want to wish misfortune on someone else but you do wish you could find a tenner on the floor.  I find my eyes are often cast down towards the pavement as I am walking Wendell.  This reminded me of two amusing incidents that happened a few years ago.  On the first occasion, as I was opening my front door a twenty pound note floated down from the sky and into my hand.  Jubilant at this seeming miracle, I entered the house, calling out to my son, to tell him of this strange but wonderful happening.  Before the words could leave my mouth, said son ran down stairs shouting his money had just flown out of the window.  It seems that the draught I caused by opening the front door had caused his money to disappear out through the window, to float down to me.

Another time, Terry and I had an argument and he walked off in high dudgeon.  I watched him miss his pocket and drop a tenner, ahead of me which I pocketed, with much amusement.  I only let on that I had it after he had searched high and low for it.  Snigger.

Oh well, the rain clouds are gathering and Wendell is looking hopeful.



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10 responses to “Pennies from Heaven.

  1. Karen

    Hope you find some pennies out on your travels (and that they’re not too soggy) luv Karen x

  2. ravingpoet

    son no 2 with the broken arm is clearly feeling better, and has taken my last tenner for the cinema. didn’t ask if i wanted to go. sob. Jx

  3. Curiosity

    I went shopping to get a few bits for my daughters birthday when she was little and was upset at being alone and broke. My mum and aunt came with me and I refused any monetary help from them. I went to get a trolley and found a £50 note in it. I was so thrilled and was persuaded to keep it as no one seemed to be looking for it and a banquet and gifts galore was laid on. Only 20 years later was the cat let out of the bag that my aunt had put it there for me to find.At least today is a day closer to payday for you and the new kettle will soon be boiling away.

  4. penny

    @ Curiosity(Anne)..What a lovely story.

  5. Technogran

    That’s exactly what my youngest son would do ravingpoet! I dunno, us Mum’s what a life! LOL Lovely story. I think we all do that when skint (look on the floor for windfalls!)

  6. Tricia

    The other place to look is in the pockets of clothes I haven’t worn for ages ….. There’s generally something lurking there, forgotten!!

  7. Deb's

    you sound like you’re as bad as me… that’s the kinda stunt I would pull .. lol you’re a wicked woman.,.. lurrrrve it, ;))is it kettle day today?hugsdebsxXx

  8. Jennifer

    @Pen, these two stories can be complied into a comic book, and comedy works to cheer people when they are in difficulty. After the rain is gone there will be sunshine. Don’t worry too much. Good things will happen to good people with the good attitude, and you are certainy among the good people I have ever met!

  9. Happy

    The floating money is so beautifully told. I hope it just rains miraculous surprise. Take care.

  10. Sheila

    Nice One Pen xx

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