One man and his dog

Terry and Wendell are inseparable these days……I thought he was supposed to be my dog, LOL.smile_wink

cv cvb



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4 responses to “One man and his dog

  1. Curiosity

    A dogs love is so unconditional. No matter what they get told off for they do not hold grudges, they are such wonderful loyal companions and it amazes me that they respond perfectly to our own emotions. My dogs, past and present, astound me when I am feeling a bit sad or under the weather and they come over and nuzzle my face as if to say that it will all be ok.Who couldn’t help but fall in love with Wendell, he is such a character. oh! and judging by the top pic he is also completely shameless!!

  2. Jennifer

    Hey Pen, maybe Wendell is right now missing its father? It will not take a long time before it returns to you again! :D

  3. Sheila

    Hey Pen lovely picture Awwww Take care xx

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