Frustration is your kettle breaking one week before you have any more money coming in to the household!!!!





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13 responses to “Frustration

  1. Chris

    Pan – CookerThe good ole days eh ?

  2. Karen

    Nooooo, not so easy to make a cuppa then?

  3. Sheila

    Things aren’t built to last these days Pen

  4. Curiosity

    At least there are other ways to boil water, not like last time moneypot dried up leaving you without smokes.

  5. cheryl

    Well, that’s typical! Pan or microwave?? I have a spare one but a tad too far am afraid. Hope the sun brings luck and maybe a rainbow…xx

  6. penny

    Using a plastic jug in the microwave……sigh.

  7. Happy

    Damn. Events seem to pile on… Hope new kettle soon. Also, with smidges of envy (but not neurotically so) you have a cow (!!) kettle!!!! Hope can be fixed/replaced. Big smiles for the day.

  8. Robin

    Well get some sticks and make a fire in the garden with a tripod thingy and put an old bean tin on it! Ok, that’s not helpful but could be fun?Sorry Penny it’s not funny and the poor old cow. Put a pot plant in it if it can’t be fixed.

  9. Curiosity

    Hope your toaster is not jinxed next, poetic justice if you cannot have marmite on toast, payback for tormenting me!!

  10. penny

    @ Happy… this is not a photo of my kettle. My kettle was too unattractive to be displayed!!!! I substituted reality with fantasy.LOL.

  11. Deb's

    this brings back memories… a couple of years ago our water emersion heater died, just before christmas too.. and of course we were skint having just bought presents and food, so from late december to january we had to boil many, many, many pans of water in order to have a bath… and of course the hubby coming home manky every night didnt help. you have my every sympathy, out comes the pan, and the good thing is when you do get your lovely new kettle … OMG are you gonna love that cuppa tea!love n hugsdebsxXx

  12. Robin

    Ah, so the cow isn’t yours. Nice though.

  13. FATMAN

    Mmmm not so funny… Lost my hot water for two..Yes two weeks in the winter cause the plumber kept forgetting to order the parts… I had to boil all my water by kettle for everything… Just as well I do no have your luck and burn the kettle out as well…

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