Ups and downs

Today is my telly license paying day and what a painful fortnight that is going to enforce!  £142.50 is an astronomical amount to pay out in one hit when you only have £200 to live on for a fortnight.  I am not a happy bunny.  The pain of us not working is heightened at times like this.  Once the pets are catered for and the money is paid out for gas and electric we shall have just £20 left for food etc. for 2 weeks.  Terry has a job coming up soon but it would have been so much nicer if it could have started last week.  Oh well, without the hard times, we would not appreciate the days of plenty as much.

empty purse  

Roll on the days of plenty, that’s what I say.




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9 responses to “Ups and downs


    Life can be a absolute bitch at times Pen and I hope Terry is lucky with his employment soon…FATMAN X

  2. Curiosity

    Did not realise that the cost of a licence had crept up to so much. I pay mine quarterly by direct debit so do not even notice how expensive it has become.You know what they say "when you reach rock bottom, the only way is up". Here’s hoping finances improve soon for you. I would be in the same boat if it were not for my little job.

  3. Chris

    Know what you mean Saus…I was lucky this week with the extra from the Karry – still, it’s all gone on bills. £10 left til 22nd.Keep smilingCx

  4. Chris

    I’ve no idea how it reopened ?As far as I was aware, they’d shut me down. Mind you, just noticed that a pic folder in the skydrive appears empty (blog images). Dunno what happened with that. The offending item has gone but that folder remains.Strange goings on at Kwitderber’s ManorLOLTCCx

  5. Happy

    That is an astronomical amount of money for payment. Ouch. Life can be so piggy; hope employment plus soon. Take care dear one.

  6. Happy

    Just popping in to be a bother. YVR bit warmish and No Rain. Weird thing. City crew came to repair some water thingey and then when went out for brief excursion (lab work) came home to find they hooked up this house hose to next door to give them water! Without so much as by-your-leave so talked to new neighbour and sorted that out. GoodGravyBoats, leave house for two hours… hope UR good as can be. Big Smiles

  7. Martin

    It is a lot of money, and to be honest not that great an entertainment source for the price.Rumour has it the economy is showing signs ok picking up so fingers cross it will sooner rather than later for you both.

  8. cheryl

    Hey Pen, it sucks doesn’t it? Mine is due in september and have no idea how will pay it, unless a job appears before then. Everyone seems to be telling me of friends and family losing jobs. Sending you lots of good luck xx

  9. Sheila

    Pen and it’s not even worth it the cr– they put on the TV these days

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