We were watching Top Gear last night and Jeremy played a game of British Bulldogs involving a car and tanks.  Foolish maybe but it brought back memories of school.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/British_bulldogs_(game)  At school we played a variation called pirates, which we threw ourselves into with much enthusiasm.  On one occasion, when I was eleven, I climbed up a high piece of apparatus with a “pirate” in hot pursuit and then slid down an adjoining rope.  Yep, I skinned all my fingers.  I can still remember the pain and shock but mostly I remember the embarrassment I felt.  I mean to say, everybody knows not to slide down a rope.I went to an all girl school but we were no wilting violets. I refused to cry or tell anyone until a friend reported it and I got sent to get my hands tended to.  My hands shook for a week and yes, the whole school got to hear of it…..happy days.



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9 responses to “Pirates

  1. Deb's

    G morning Pen, ((hugs))ouch your poor hands… must admit I prefer the idea of not climbing ropes in the first place it was one of the activities I would try and dodge… lol I watched Top gear last night too, and loved the clarkson interpretation of bulldog and with live fire to boot… he was so sure he’d got by them too, lollove n hugsdebsxXx

  2. Sheila

    Ouch!! Pen and a good morning to you. I just love Top Gear I missed that one though. Have a good d ay xx

  3. Tricia

    Wish I’d seen that Top Gear … but it may get here later in the year!! We used to play a similar game … I loved it … in some ways it wasmore real than school!! I miss something about those fun times! Being an adult can be so serious!PS Rope burns are sooo painful …. but embarrassment even more so!

  4. Jennifer

    @Pen, you are brave since you were a little young girl! Happy days and happy memories.

  5. Chris

    Morning (just) Pen,We used to play a variation called bankbusting. There was a steep grassy bank at our school that we had to run up etc…The teachers used to force everyone to do the same. I didn’t mind that so much but, cross-country ?Noooo !Absolutely hated that.I wonder if I can put a claim in as I had a dicky ticker ?LOLI’ll be sending out some clues for the quiz laterhe heTCCx

  6. Martin

    Ouch, I was lucky well of sort of as I was to fat to get up a rope so never suffered what sounds to be very painful

  7. Jessica

    We played Bulldog, but the boys kept complaining that we girls played too rough!

  8. Happy

    O Lord that must have been wretched agony. Did not play such game in youth/childhood. Must WKPIA to see what rules (if any, LOL) required. Amazing how these memories just sprout? Play nice Pen, LOL

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