Looking Back


I never was a hippie

Wore flowers in my hair

I never smoked a pipe of peace

Or lived without a care

I never danced in wet grass

Nor listened to the bands

I could not love my fellow man

Or pray whilst holding hands

I did not chant a mantra

Or daub my face with paint

Or trek across to Marrakesh

I showed too much restraint




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8 responses to “Looking Back


    Time to get out the flowers and hat Pen…Marrakesh is quite cheap now…hahahha.. For the face painting you just need to visit the local shopping centre on a Saturday….Of course you may need to visit Oxfam for the appropriate clothes… Tell Terry I hope he is still enjoying his early morning walks with the dog… Wish I could join him..D X

  2. Jennifer

    Hey Pen, "never" doesn’t mean "can’t", does it?:D You still have time and energy to do these crazy things! And see the colorful vigorous flowers you posted, making me feel life is full of beauty and new aroma!:D

  3. Sheila

    Gosh this takes me back Pen lovely Picture xx Have a lovely weekend xx Sheila


    There are some things best left undone in this life, Be true to yourself and not follow the group has always been my look on life . If you want to paint your face and dance in a field of flowers bare foot , watch out for rocks , sticks and cow patties lol

  5. Happy

    Like the list of what not experimentally tried as read aloud there’s a nice lilt and mentally I hear a melody. Almost feel there is more to come after the word ‘restraint’? I also never got to Marrakesh and, er, don’t quite know where this fabled spot is. I am lousy at geography. Big smiles to you. Re. facepainting? You never wore make-up? Just wondering. Big smiles

  6. penny

    @ Happy….you are right; there was more to come after the word restraint but I ran out of steam and could not be bothered. I thought I could wing it…….apathy is Queen in this house, sometimes.


    Great word Apathy….

  8. ravingpoet

    seize the day, penny, seize the day! Lol

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