Hark, hark, the dogs do bark.

My neighbours dogs bark incessantly and Wendell has decided it might be a good idea to respond.  I have tried various means of distraction, to no avail.  I think he is trying to protect us from danger , so I am now trying “the reassure him “method of dissuasion.  He is around seven months old now, so maybe his hormones are kicking in. He still pees like a girlie, mind.



He dragged his sea bedraggled form

Across the blistered sand

And in his mouth some seaweed hung

This tasted rather bland

For he was used to finer fare

Than what he found to hand

He’d run a mile and then some more

The seagulls scattered high

He’d chased his tail and then a tern

But really knew not why

For he is just a dog, you know

Exhausted in July


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6 responses to “Hark, hark, the dogs do bark.


    Oh this is nice, Wendle will learn to do it right I am sure

  2. Curiosity

    Poem paints a perfect vision of young Wendell, can just see him now!From my dog training days….fill a squeezy bottle, plant mister or childs water pistol with water, the moment he barks or thinks about barking a quick squirt at his muzzle with a firm "NO" should work in no time at all. Call it a "squirty" when you show him and in a couple of weeks the phrase "ach! ach! where’s that squirty?" will work wonders and the mere mention of it will be enough.

  3. Robin

    Hi Penny, is that the same neighbours that had the barking dog before?Love the poem.The squirty bottle sounds a good idea. LOL

  4. penny

    @Anne I’ll give it a try but knowing Wendell, he will think it is a new game.@ Robin Different neighbours, can you believe?

  5. Happy

    Oh, what a gorgeous poem for Wendell. This is such spirited observation of puppies.

  6. Robin

    No! Blimey, that’s bad luck. The neighbours i mean.Have a quiet day, hopefully. x

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