Slugs, snails and puppy dog tails

The weather has cleared up beautifully, in this neck of the woods and it really feels like summer.  The beaches are crowded with families and the sea is full of bobbing heads.The area where we live is jam packed full of kids playing outdoors.  It is nice to know they are not all slouched in front of the television, computer or games console.

One area where we walk Wendell has been taken over by large, aggressive bees.  I shall be keeping well clear of them.  I do worry about the foolish puppy swallowing one and getting stung.


At home we have a resident bumble bee and he is not at all nasty.  We also have a fine selection of slugs and snails which drive me crazy.  The wet weather of last week has brought them crawling out of every nook and cranny.  The slime trails are amazing.  One of my favourite plants had all its leaves eaten. 











One good bit of good news is my Gartenmeister Fuchsia cuttings I saved from the plant Wendell squashed flat have taken and are growing new leaves.  Fingers crossed I shall have lots of them next year.  Right then, I am off to watch University Challenge now, Pen.



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3 responses to “Slugs, snails and puppy dog tails

  1. Curiosity

    Lucky for Wendell!


    Glad the weather is nice there and the little dog is forgiven lol

  3. Happy

    Hey, great the Gartenmeister Fuchsia cuttings saved! Youth here also out but keep close contact with the world via their cell phones and other text message technology. :)

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