July 4th

For my American friends.




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7 responses to “July 4th

  1. Jennifer

    Loved the festival, Pen! Gotta eat something American to celebrate, haha~

  2. Jennifer

    Also want to thank-you for the graduation congratulations! Just moved into the new flat, and the bath here is GREAT! Weather here is HOT, making every where a sauna room… Hope you are having a cool satisfactory weekend enjoying gentle sea breeze there!:D


    Hey Penny..Hope you have a great day..And that it is sunny where you are.. It is hot and pouring with rain here…D XX


    Nice graphics , did you do it ? Have a good weekend Pen

  5. penny

    @ Richard……Nope, I cheated.

  6. Happy

    Amazing graphic! Grrhhhh…petite seethe with envy. Now I have to redo my post. LOL Hugs to you. Hope it is a splendidly idyllic Sunday.

  7. ravingpoet

    That’s a wonderfully stern angel! Darn! Have to wait until November for fireworks!

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