Stormy weather and Doubt

It is 2.30 am and a spectacular thunder storm has just finished.  I shall not need to water the garden tomorrow.  Wendell was a bit nervous of the noise and kept growling.  The people next door had their dogs locked out, all through it.  You should have heard them howl.  Some people can be so cruel.

We watched a film called Doubt earlier.  It had Meryl Streep in it and she was brilliant.  I would not say the film was to everyone’s taste but I enjoyed it.  I believe it won some awards but I cannot be bothered to check, as it is so late. 

I made mozzarella stuffed meatballs in a rich tomato sauce for dinner and they were delicious, if I do say so myself.

  Right, time for a quick trawl and then off to bed.  See ya, Pen.




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7 responses to “Stormy weather and Doubt

  1. Curiosity

    am on my way to work in the rain. We have heavy waterproof coats but they are too hot to wear when it is clammy. Meatballs sound yummy. Yep, my garden is happy too.Mo has never reacted to storms or fireworks, mums dog had to be sedated.

  2. Happy

    Hiyah Pen, I thought writing in ‘Doubt’ so spectacular for phrasing, words, pausing, rhythym and that Streep, Hoffman and (younger nun) managed to memorize and deliver so much text. The woman who acted as mother of the son was also just spot on. The story seemed inconclusive or unfinished in a way for me. Wow, amazing storm. Poor Wendell. YVR a bit muggy tonight but we remain rainless by the ocean. Hugs to you.

  3. Robin

    Morning Penny, wow, a thunderstorm! We have muggy weather, no rain. Yet!Have a good day. Love Robin.xPoor Wendell. I expect you gave him lots of cuddles.

  4. Jennifer

    Hey Pen, how I hope I were in your place to experience the "stormy weather"! The weather here is just humid and hot, the precursor of a storm yet so hard to bear… Betcha the Doubt has snatched an Oscar. I vaguely recalled the awarding ceremony where Streep sat in the front row with Amy Adams. ..


    Dinner sounds lovely… Send by post…

  6. Sheila

    Meatballs thats one dish I haven’t tried yet Pen, any recipe greatly appreciated. Meryl Streep she is brilliant I so enjoy her movies, have you ever seen Bridges of Madison County.Words fail me are there really human..Enjoy your day xx

  7. Happy

    Hiatyah, Another rainless day in YVR. A bit muggy and promises of rain did not materialize at full moon, as weather person predicted. Now when we hear rain predictions we just shrug. Hope it’s a lovely week for you.

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