The Sting


It is 2.40 am and I have just finished watching “The Sting”.  I saw this film at the cinema way back in 1973 and it still a pleasure to watch today.  The music score was brilliant and the rag tunes composed by Scott Joplin have remained a favourite ever since.




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4 responses to “The Sting

  1. Curiosity

    that was one of the first films i remember being allowed to watch that was for ‘grown ups’. Always had a soft spot for it.

  2. » dave

    I remember going to the Cinema to see it too, for some reason I remember it had a heavy advertising campaign that meant you HAD to see it, you were not part of soceity if you hadn’t? ………and the smoking gave up 8 years ago! Question have you ditched ALL ashtrays and lighters, the paraphenalia? Have you got so much chewing gum in the house your mouth is in constant motion or even better my friend sucked on those hard sphere lollies, no not Kojak!! but I think thats why Kojak sucked lollies! and finally weaning. Use them as a reward device, no fags unless you have cleaned every millimetre of the house or edited and saved to disk 30 photos, then you can have a cig. Then set higher and higher everyday personal targets before allowed another. Worked for me! Simply because your hands are busy you are achieving something and the space between each cigarette gets larger and larger, oh yeah and calculate how much have spent on tobacco this year and what you could have bought instead,If I can give up you can give up believe me!x

  3. penny

    @ Dave….cheers for the tips.

  4. Sheila

    can’t see this Pen.

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