Terry, Spaces and Smokeless zones

After much cajoling and wheedling, I have persuaded Terry to open his own space.  He knows most of my friends by name, because I have shared my space with him for quite a while.  When I say shared, I mean I have wittered on endlessly to him about it.  As we are both unemployed and approaching retirement age, our opportunities to interact with our fellow man are limited.  Spaces provides at least a chance to share thoughts and ideas.

  We get our money tomorrow and I fear the only thought in my head is my first smoke in five days.  I wish I could say we have given up but this is not the case.

The country faces a heat wave this week and I am so grateful to be living on the coast, where the breezes that come off the sea have a mild cooling effect.  I hate the heat and would rather be cold than sweating inelegantly.  Wendell agrees with me and says “Try living in a fur coat in this”.  The cats, of course, don’t give a hoot.

Right then, off to make toast and coffee, Pen.



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13 responses to “Terry, Spaces and Smokeless zones


    I glad you husband is going to have a go…Don’t fight over the computer though, unless you have two..My wife has her own space as Red but I do not think she has been on there for months as she is not a good communicator and would prefer to spend her time annoying me hahahha..Yes I see from the weather on the Net England is due for a heatwave and I will be returning on my own on Wednesday so no doubt I will catch some of it… Though like you being by the coast there is usually slightly cooler air to be had…Best wishes for the day..D XX


    Oh forgot…Terry is most welcome to add me if I cannot find him… Unless and I have not looked he is in your friends list.. Is your list open Hmmmm I shall have a look now hahaha

  3. Curiosity

    send some of that sea breeze my way. I am stuck working on a train bridge in the sun with no shade til two oclock. It is baking hot.Good luck to Terry with his space.Does Wendell swim in the sea?

  4. penny

    @ Anne………Wendell paddles in the sea. My sympathy over the work spot.

  5. ravingpoet

    definitely need a sea breeze here. The window to my attic bedroom blew off its hinges 2 weeks ago – the landlord has boarded it up and is going to repair it in a week and a half. So, at the moment I have no daylight, no fresh air and it is like a sauna up there. Think I may have to sleep in the bath! J x


    Has Terry an address on here yet… An Anxious FATMAN….. Sweat, sweat……Shuffling of feet… Waiting for answer….FATMAN X


    Hahahahah silly me I copied the link and pasted it into my browser to find out when I arrived at his space I had made friends with him earlier today ahhahahahahah I read his blog and thought now here is a guy I like hahahah I didn’t know he was your husband ah well silly me…FATMAN X

  8. penny

    @ Fatman…..silly Billy.

  9. Jennifer

    Sorry for the heatwave, Pen, bet you would feel the same here in Bejing…but how blessed to live on the coast!!!I can almost smell the seaweeds by sprinkling words on your lovely green space. And what a funny idea of the fur coat for Wendell! Does he have the habit of holding out his tongue in order to release heat, like Chinese dogs often do in summer?

  10. Deb's

    hiya Pen, ((hugs))the torture is over … 5 days of torment, I’ll bet those ashtrays aren’t quite so sparkly & clean at the moment…. lol I can almost hear you purring. ;))good luck to terry with his site, it’s something I thought my hubby may eventually take an interst in, but he prefers to hear of my escapades with y’all. hugsdebsxXx

  11. Jessica

    I hope Terry enjoys himself on Spaces as much as you seem to do, Pen!

  12. Happy

    So many choices about what to give up? Coffee? Cigarettes? Blueberry Pie? Limbo dancing? Glad you survived! Now ‘she writes again’. Ick re. heat wave. I get ‘stupid’ (stupider?) in heat and commiserate. Hope your heat plan in action and you, Terry, Wendell sweat it out gracefully. Leaving new leaded crystal ashtray and sorbet.

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