Stubbed and desperate

There was an old lady called Pen

who tried hard to write now and then.

Her mind, oh so fickle,

got her in a pickle.

She never went typing again.


OldLady on a Computer

Just kidding.  It will be five days before we can afford to smoke, so my brain is getting addled.  I am trying not to complain but I cannot prevent the many sighs that escape from me.  The newly polished ashtrays are casting me grateful glances.  Little do they know that if we give up smoking, their days will be numbered.  I am on a coffee induced high at the moment….sigh!  Dinner is seven hours away and it is only when I cannot smoke that I realise how hard it is to get through the day without their evil little support.  Maybe now is a good time to give up but even the thought makes me feel sad.





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10 responses to “Stubbed and desperate


    Hold on…. You take drugs…!!!Try occupying your mind with mental puzzles..Nah.. doesn’t work for me either….

  2. Karen

    Ooh dear, but if you could give up….. :) Mmy mum was the same, she didn’t actually want to give up.. it was financial considerations in the end, combined with hypnosis and nicotine patches! She did manage it though and the pennies saved made it all worthwhile I think, let alone the health aspect. Hope the day doesn’t stretch too long ahead of you luv Karen x


    Forgot to say… I really liked the little poem… Must be hard Pen… Take the dog for a walk on the beach if you can… Or go out in the garden, I don’t know what the weather in England is like today but it is raining here in Pisa.. D XX

  4. penny

    @ Fatman…been out, got back, ate toast, sighed and back to self pitiful cravings, LOL At least the sun is shining.,

  5. Deb's

    hiya Pen ((hugs))how many days have you gone without? and it does get easier, one of the main reasons i stopped was due to lack of finances and it’s just gone 20 months, I still have days when i miss the dreaded weed too, but if you choose to stop theres a wealth of support for you on here especially. theres a million and one ways to distract yourselves too… could always drag the hubby off for a bit of mutual distraction ;)) well that was one of my tactics.. and the hubby never complained.. lolloving the poem by the way, love and hugsdebsxXxhang in there

  6. penny

    @ Debs… has been 2 long days now but we have been on quarter rations for a long time already. Will power is sadly lacking in my personality but finances dictate! Cheers for kind words all.

  7. Deb's

    now when you say you are on rations are you still talking about the ciggies or the mutual distraction of consenting adults…lol

  8. Curiosity

    Never easy to do without our habits whether by choice or necessity. You have 5 days to go and then can start again if you chose to, I on the other hand have to give up chocolate which is necessary or my clothes will shrink!

  9. Happy

    How awful for you. Hoping these five days pass quickly as possible with all manner of positive distractions, time for the ultimate knitting project? Just gentle teasing. Big hug for you.

  10. Happy

    Hello, just strolling ’bout this evening. Understand from poem brain a tickle and just hope you are well as well can be.

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