Sleepy head

How unusual.  I went to skydrive and tried to look at one of my poems there and could not, so I checked all my documents there, to no  avail.  I was under the impression skydrive was a storage facility I could access at will. All very frustrating.

I gave Wendell some raw beef bones two days ago, which he enjoyed tremendously.  With his strong jaws he managed to grind down quite a bit of the bone and yesterday he was in a state of constipation.  He waddled about the place like a duck ready to lay her eggs and only managed to get rid of a few hard white pellets.  On our walk this morning, we had a huge result and I have never been happier to poop scoop.

My scrambled eggs on toast, this morning have greatly improved my mood.  Funny how a perfect meal can do that.  I am making devilled kidneys with wild rice tonight because it is one of Terry’s favourites and is also very cheap to make.

It is 9.00am and Terry is still snuggled up in bed.  I have been up for over four and a half hours already.  Tell me, is it usually the male of our species that needs more sleep?  I always had trouble rousing my sons when they lived at home and even resorted to a bucket of water on one memorable occasion. 

sleepy head 1

Right then, I am off to get sleeping beauty up, with a nice, hot cup of coffee and failing that………..



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5 responses to “Sleepy head

  1. Sheila

    Poor Wendall bet that was a releif for him and you Pen.Gosh you rose at just before 5am wow !!Bet you will be in bed early tonight have a good d ay. xx

  2. Happy

    An actual bucket of water? Had to read twice! Perhaps genuine night owls on your hands? There are some who just come alive at midnight and sleep during the day. Thanks for Skydrive comment. I, too, thought it was a storage system so for now won’t put any items there…first I have to figure that out but I would really be sad to lose anything. I so hope you found your poem because I know what distress can occur at loss of words.

  3. penny

    @ Happy…It is only documents I placed on Skydrive from my computer. I can access my photos with no problem. Yes, a real, large bucket of water. He is 39 now and still complains about it. LOL


    I think and do not quote me here that it is a storage facility for picture files only so if you made documents into J-Pegs you would be able to store them… But I could be wrong and you may be able to store documents in the usual way.. I admit to never trying as I presumed Skydrive was for Photographic storage…D.. XX What a useless load of twaddle I have just written hahaha

  5. Happy

    Skydrive resolved? Perhaps a poem will arise from the Margate Festival?

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