BANKSY Show • Bristol City Museum • 2009


This exhibition runs in the Museum and Art Gallery in Bristol until the end of August.  It is free and I wish I could see it.  Never mind, the pictures are worth a look.



This one is my favourite!  I always appreciate a fag break.




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7 responses to “BANKSY Show • Bristol City Museum • 2009

  1. Sheila

    Yes me to Pen looks like a lot of fun things to see. Thanks for giving us a look. xx

  2. Happy

    What wit! I want to see this show too!! [Worth two !!]. Makes Dutch Masters look somewhat sleepy. Love Banksy’s obvious theft. What great giggles of astute observation, like redo of Millet’s (?) women working in the field for the last bits of wheat (?). Thank you for sharing this exhibiton. So enjoyed this evening.

  3. Happy

    That’s, so enjoyed this evening visit with exhibition. Argh, am tired.


    I have really enjoyed looking at these pictures and I can see why you would like to see the exhibition,I did not know this was on, and as Bristol is not far away from me I may have a chance to pay a visit if I can get the time…D XX

  5. penny

    @ Fatman…it is open for month and is free, so no excuses now, LOL@ Happy and Sheila… I am so pleased you enjoyed. I love humour in art.


    I shall have to get The Green Hornet to take me as I promised him a trip away and breakfast at a special place Iknow near Cheddar Gorge…I shall have to talk to my Lord and Master ‘Her in Doors’ and find out how easy ti is for wheelchairs and parking…D XX

  7. cheryl

    Hi Pen, this looks fun. Shame it isn’t nearer to me! Oh well…thanks for the exhibition!! Hope you’re ok..xx

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