Cold showers and cat fights.

You know your life is boring when you have nothing to write about.  I am going through one of those dry patches, where I cannot even write a letter or poem, let alone an interesting post.  Terry is still out of work but he has a job starting in a couple of weeks, so things should improve then.  I so really hate being poor.  I can’t even win a tenner on the lottery.  I don’t usually stay down in the dumps for long, so I am waiting for the bounce back that comes in less than no time.  Maybe I shall clean the windows.  Sparkling glass equals sparkling mood, perhaps.  Wendell is all hot and bothered.  I have taken to giving him cool showers but he does love to share the water.  The cats are back to fighting and there are little clumps of fur flying about.  Maybe they could use a shower too.  Anyway, as I said, I have nothing to write about, so I shall sign off, Pen.



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7 responses to “Cold showers and cat fights.

  1. I guess you know we all go through that Pen. Hang in there.

  2. Deb's

    we all go through the writing dry spells.. and i know what you mean about having no money, I would love a win on the lottery, but more than a tenner… :)) thinking add a few zeros to the end of that lol(((hugs)))debsxXx

  3. Jessica

    Never stop writing, Pen. You never know who might see it and get in touch with you! You could always write about the town where you live or episodes from your early years, or what you have seen on TV or read, or write silly poems like I do. Cheer up and get writing, Pen!

  4. Pat

    But you did just write about something – several things actually. I am sure you will bounce back soon. Everyone hopes to win the "lottery". In NZ, people were queuing up on Wednesday for lotto tickets hoping to win the $25,000,000 jackpot on Wednesday night – nobody did – and now it is $30,000,000 and must be won next Wednesday. I will be sure to buy a ticket and if I get the lot, I will buy you a new car for Christmas.Hugs from NZ.

  5. Jennifer

    Hi Pen, obviously this is an interesting post already! I am sure things will pick up as long as we have confidence in ourselves and keep on smiling to life (as Jessie told me; ).


    Sorry you are down in the dumps, I am sure things will improve for you soon… And the fact you have bothered to write shows you are are still positive…Best wishesD XX

  7. Happy

    Hugs know those down-in-dungeon feelings and also when post idea evades; except you did produce a post, with honesty. I’m just here for you, cat fights and all. Also know the stress of stretching dollars and that can be quite wearying as I must manage budget well, or else. So I am sending biggest wish for LOTTO Luck and love to you.

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