Strange mothers

Mothers don’t care about species, even if they are natural enemies, normally in nature this kind of mothers wouldn’t never be possible, but with some human effort things can change, here you can see a compilation of pictures of the most amusing and strange mothers.

Mother Dog and Ducks

Mother Hen and Cats

Mother Cat and Chickens

Mother Cat and Rodent

Mother Cat and skunks

Mother Rat and Cat

Mother Lion and Sheep

Mother Tiger and Pigs

Mother Monkey and Cat



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8 responses to “Strange mothers

  1. Karen

    Awww what lovely pics. see how strong that maternal instinct is! Not sure the kitty in the last pic looks too happy though lol, have a great weekend luv Karen x

  2. Curiosity

    The kittens look so cosy under the hen. I used to keep chickens and they do get really warm when brooding.

  3. Jennifer

    @Pen, your photos remind me of the power of mother’s love, which could possibly surpass any natural obstacles and creat marvelous miracles!:D

  4. Jessica

    I love the chicken and the kittens! Lovely photos, Pen!

  5. ravingpoet

    my 2 guinea pigs snuggle up to my rabbit – they’re roughly the same age, so I think it’s a friendship thing. We had hamsters, but they hated each other and would fight..

  6. Deb's

    morning Pen, ((hugs))cute pictures and an interesting debate, i’m wondering though if the lioness and tigress were wild or reared in a zoo somewhere… have a great daylove n hugsdebsxXx

  7. Martin

    It seems Cats are the key adopters :-)Lovely photos too :-)

  8. Sheila

    Love the monkey and the cat Pen well they are all lovely really Nature is full of surprises xxx

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