Vanity and the walking stick

Having spent the past five years casually leaning on walls, ostensibly to admire the view, collapsing delicately on every available seat and low wall and walking at less than a snail’s pace, I have decided to give in and buy myself a walking stick.  Now this may not seem a momentous decision but once again, vanity has reared its ugly head.  I don’t really mind getting older, I just don’t want to look it!  Anyway the theory is, leaning on the stick equals less pain.  That has got to be a good thing.  I already take five different types of drugs so I refuse to take painkillers, in case they clash.  They don’t work anyway.  So, back to sticks and canes.  I shall probably take months to choose one, ‘cause it has to go with all my outfits, LOL.  cane01So what do you reckon…..go for it?



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10 responses to “Vanity and the walking stick

  1. Robin

    Hi Penny, i like the one with the owl but not sure how comfortable it would be to hold!The one on the far left looks more practical.Got any other choices? LOL

  2. Curiosity

    The Claw and the Ball ones look tactile but as Robin says the one on the left would seem the more suitable.The hiking sticks seem to be the ‘in thing’ at the moment as they are apparently better shock absorbers and the blurb about them appear to out shine the humble stick. I think they have just had a revolutionary upgrade in design and function to suit all needs.

  3. Jennifer

    Hiya Pen, the walking stick is not a bad thing, actually reminding me of the Principle in the magic school of Harry Potter! A good cane, or a specially-made one, can add mystery and a sense of majesty to its owner’s personal charisma. Not to mention health is the number one concern for every man and woman. Just don’t depend on it all the time, hehe.We are still independent women!:D

  4. Yes Pen.. Go for it. You will be more comfortable. You will feel better . Its not getting older, Its getting wiser and making a good choice . Not sure which one you should pick but when you do let us know. Walking with Pain has got to wear you out in so many ways. When I fight any Pain it wears me right down.I guess you know that about me.

  5. Happy

    Ah vanity I so understand. Too well. I recommend one with good grip as there is pressure on wrist and shoulder area. Also good not to use if you do not need all the time because of muscle stress. I toss mine occasionally for shorter jaunts. Sometimes, due to vanity, am tactfully ‘reminded’ to bring cane. Due to icy sidewalks and roads in Canada winters, we get these nifty canes with these pop-out ice pick things. Love the splashy choices above! P.S. A cane gets better seating on transit :)

  6. penny

    Thanks for the feedback, my friends.

  7. Deb's

    morning Pen ((hugs))anything that makes walking less painful, will encourage further walking and a general improvement in your health and that’s got to be a good thing. if they are your choices i like the one on the far left … it doubles up as a crook for grabbing at the hubby… lol this could be the start of a very interesting collection of accessories, just think now you have to have matching shoes, hanbags and the stick, because there are some beautiful ones even at the likes of auctions and car boot sa; n hugsdebsxXx

  8. penny

    @Debs. Now you got me thinking!

  9. Sheila

    Very good idea I quite like the owl one Pen, if the drugs don’t work get a walking stick sounds good to me. xx

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