For crying out loud!

For a month at least, Terry and I have been searching for our favourite fuchsia,Gartenmeister.  On Friday, we went to the outdoor market in Ramsgate, where there is a very cheap and wonderful plant stall.  Whilst I was mooching around, I spotted a Gartenmeister; just the one, which I pounced upon.  We bore my precious find home, along with a couple of other purchases and this morning I proudly planted it with much pomp and ceremony.  Five minutes ago, Terry said he was so pleased with our new plants and we traipsed back out to the garden to look at them again.  Unfortunately, Master Bull in a china shop Wendell, charged after us and stood on my lovely plant, snapping its stem below the soil level.  It was so awful and yet comical that I was gasping with tears of laughter.  My poor, crushed, little treasure is no more and I must resume my search, the next time I have some spare money.



I took this photo of Wendell, before his accident!!!!!



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10 responses to “For crying out loud!

  1. Curiosity

    Oh no!!!!!!!!1

  2. Robin

    Oh dear, gulp!!!!!!!!!!Sorry Penny, i did laugh, it’s not funny really.Naughty boy Wendell!!!!!!!nice pic of Terry and Wendell.

  3. Technogran

    That’s a tale of ‘here today and gone tomorrow’ if ever I heard one! Next time you get your hands on one, I would surround it with barbed wire if I were you! LOL


    Dig up root and plant in pot, keep very gently warm in shaded sun, water occassionally and in all probability it will grow again… Good luck…FATMAN XX

  5. penny

    @ FATMAN….Have done as instructed, fingers crossed.

  6. Curiosity

    I am with Technogran on this one, barbed wire and landmines, failing that – a nice filled bone for Wendell shut indoors before a botanical walk around the acres!

  7. Philip

    MATE! You shoulda took a cutting and put it in a pot on the window sill! You woulda had some for next year then! Oh Penny! haha. I like fuchisas myself, I have them in pots because they die in the ground! However, with being ill and totaly unmotivated in the last year and half I neglected them and only two have survived. Will give them some attention this summer and maybe get some cuttings! I love the blue and purple ones! And btw… my cats dig up seeds when I sow them and roll on newly planted plants! Little gits! But as you say, ’tis comical! hahaThe Green party? haha Hmmmmmmmmm I like the fact they want to help clean up the environment, I aint to keen on their policy to tax carbon emssions. I aint completely swade yet as to weather we are causing climate change. If you think about how much CO2 parts per million in the atmosphere that are NOT man made and how much is, you’d see the argument. There’s is infernately more natural CO2 than produced than Mankind. I’m waiting till they can prove 100% we cause the global climate change, till then they’re taxing people for doing something that hasn’t been proved 100% to cause the problem. Just seems like another money making scheme, and the Greens support it, which makes me suspicious of them.Cheers for reading the blog, mate! :o)- Phil

  8. Pat

    Good luck with the re-birth!

  9. Sheila

    Oh No Pen brings tears to my eye’s. xx

  10. Happy

    Oh Penny it is a laugh and tears tale. Thankfully, Fatman had obvious solution. I hope plant rerooted and all is well as purchase of barbed wire made. I am amazed at how much Wendell has grown. Big blessings for a great season of gardening.

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