One of the reasons I enjoy living on the south east coast is the weather it enjoys.  Now I know there are moments when the blustery winds come whistling across the water from the North Sea and their icy fingers get into every nook and cranny but it is easy to forget these spectres of winter, when basking in glorious sunshine, with a balmy breeze ruffling your hair.  We have lived in Margate for over four years now and I have yet to see the ground freeze in the garden, during winter.  When we lived in Catford, the ground regularly froze to a depth of six inches.  I lost many plants that are considered hardy.  Since moving here, I can grow many semi hardy plants without a care in the world.  Large palms thrive here and flower.


The only drawback to living next to the sea is the high level of humidity in summer.  This is not a problem outdoors but can be oppressive indoors without the aid of fans.  Even the grey days are great here and a personal favourite.  Right then, I guess I had better get out and enjoy some of it, LOL



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2 responses to “Balmy

  1. Happy

    Ah, what I wouldn’t give for a blustery wind and chill fingers of ice finding their way into nooks and crannies of the studio. How amazing I just never thought of palm trees growing in England. Fat lot I know. Hope it’s an enjoyable Spring day. I am off to the evening public swim.

  2. Sheila

    A bit like the south west we have our own little eco systems palm trees. Take example Torquay palm trees along the sea front a big attraction for vistors. But alas they are cutting them down WHY!! Public safety what you are saying yes Pen I know ridicious I know. I could scream

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