by George Orwell


When I was young and had no sense
In far-off Mandalay
I lost my heart to a Burmese girl
As lovely as the day.

Her skin was gold, her hair was jet,
Her teeth were ivory;
I said, "for twenty silver pieces,
Maiden, sleep with me".

She looked at me, so pure, so sad,
The loveliest thing alive,
And in her lisping, virgin voice,
Stood out for twenty-five.



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4 responses to “by George Orwell

  1. Curiosity

    Like it.

  2. Happy

    What wicked humour and social commentary. Ah Orwell.

  3. Philip

    He was a great writer! Shame he had to die early, eh?I’m assuming this extract is from ‘Burmese Days’? I haven’t read that yet! Only read 1984 and Animal Farm. Note to self: MUST get to the book shop when I get some extra money!- Phil

  4. Sheila

    Love it Pen

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