Beautiful morning gardening

dutch iris2



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10 responses to “Beautiful morning gardening


    Looking very lush Penny… Mine has just started to really get going with the Arum’s putting up some good flower heads…

  2. Curiosity

    Is that a Fuschia, I really like them, especially the simple old fashioned one -memories of my grans garden – but have no joy growing them here.I have been delivering info to houses today and the scent of the roses fills the air. Wonderful time of year.Have a nursery rhyme in my head cannot quite remember it all ….how does your garden grow…pretty maids all in a row???

  3. Jessica

    Nice picture, Penny. I can’t wait to one day have my own garden!

  4. Robin

    Mary Mary quite contraryHow does your garden growWith silver bells and cockle shellsAnd pretty maids all in a row.

  5. Robin

    Love the bright green on here Penny.

  6. ravingpoet

    Beautiful picture – are you a keen gardener? I’ve only had a garden for the last two years, so I’m still a beginner, and can’t name many plants. J x

  7. Happy

    I will always come out for a garden :)

  8. Deb's

    morning Pen ((hugs))lovely piccy of the garden, I think my garden is about a week or two behind yours, my jasmine is just flowering (it’s first of 3) this year. and my iris’ are only just poking through the soil now…I’ve just been planting some blackberry twigs out back, fingers crossed they take.have a great weekendlove n hugsdebsxXx

  9. ..

    Nice picture Penny. Thank you for sharing. LOVE, Alex xxx

  10. Martin

    Hi Penny love you photo :-) Sorry I have been a little lax of late but think my online time will be getting a little better now, well I hope it is :-)

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