Banker Helps Mother Duck and her Ducklings






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7 responses to “Banker Helps Mother Duck and her Ducklings


    Wow , a good duck story . Kind of Quakes me up lolHave a good weekend pen

  2. Curiosity

    Lovely to see the video, I had the photos via email which were amazing but so pleased to have seen it happen.

  3. Philip

    Cheers Pen! Good to know you’re keeping an eye out too! I wasn’t so surprised about Steen’s outburst! I always knew most Tories were like that, pure upper-class, prilildge old boy network types! It’s amasing these people STILL run our nation basically!This video is pure propagand for the Bankers to get them a good rep again! They probably sold the duck pond after the vid was made, then sold the ducks to a French resurant! LOL!Enjoy the rest of the weekend sun!- Phil

  4. Jennifer

    Interesting post, Pen! And thanks for your purple rose on my GB. I have never seen a purple rose before in China. Is it common in your place? Smiles and blessings. Jen:)

  5. .

    I saw this on the TV. How great it was to have some happy news for once. I loved the way the ducklings trooped off down to the water!

  6. Jessica

    This is really sweet, Pen! Nice to see fun things on blogs. Have a lovely week!

  7. ravingpoet

    I saw this on the news. Why on earth did the duck nest up there in the first place?We have starlings nesting in the guttering at the top of our house. When I lie in the bath I can hear the babies calling for food. I hope they can just fly out when ready!

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