Why oh why did I do it?  I bought Wendell a new squeaky toy and he is wild about it.  The noise is horrendous, it gets slimy with saliva and he is constantly thrusting it into my hands.  It reminds me of when my eldest son was little and my sister and her husband bought him a little train that ran around the room playing a selection of shrill tunes.  After one day, I wanted to smash the ruddy thing.Being thrifty, I cannot waste the squeaky toy, so I must wait until he has broken the durable little nightmare.


Wendell with toy

Squeak Squeak Squeak Squeak



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5 responses to “Squeaky

  1. Curiosity

    Am sitting here chuckling away, I know exactly what you mean. Mo loves her squeaky toys and cherishes them for about 6 weeks before nibbling them into tiny pieces. The last one she had had a squeak in its head and another in its tummy…squeak honk squeak honk etc etc

  2. Robin

    That’s so funny Penny.cute toy and a great pic of Wendell.How’s it go? Squeak, squeak, squeeeeeeeeeek!!!!Oh the joys of having a dog.x

  3. Malcolm

    Oh the delights of having a faithful friend!

  4. Sheila

    He truly is loving his new toy Pen maybe you can dislodge the squeak or maybe he just wouldn’t love it so much if you did, thank mummy he is saying xxx hugs Sheila

  5. Happy

    This squeaky toy is so classic I might have bought two. One for Wendell and one as a collector’s item. LOL

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