Dynamics of a slightly dysfunctional family

My sister, who spends half the year in her beautiful home in the West Indies, is coming down to this area for a visit.  Although we siblings were all born in Bath, my brother, my eldest son and I have all gravitated to the south east coast and live within a few miles of each other.  My eldest sister lives across the country in Devon.  Given that my younger sister is not a doggie person, she shall not be staying with us but has elected to reside at my brother’s house for her visit.  My brother’s fiancée is always amused when more than two of us siblings get together, because of the change in dynamics between the various personalities.  A normally dominant person becomes quiet, or a charmer becomes terse.  You can usually bank on a fierce squabble erupting and if all four of us get together, this can boil over into a fight, despite all our best intentions to the contrary.  Dinner and a round of cards can guarantee a peaceful start to any get together but heaven forefend if the entertainment is left to just conversation or even worse, debate.  When I am at home, I refuse point blank to discuss religion or politics, as these have proven to be the worst triggers.  Even an innocent game of charades can become heated.  Are most families like this or is mine more dysfunctional than most? I am looking forward to the visit but wish me luck!



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10 responses to “Dynamics of a slightly dysfunctional family

  1. Curiosity

    You all still have an urge to get together so the family bond is there and I am sure you can all accept each other as individuals. Sounds like a balanced family to me. Hope you have a great visit and all goes well.

  2. lisa

    personnally Penny I think it’s normal. Although I dont have any siblings I do come from a large family and you could always count on heated arguments at family get togethers including funerals, our big family get togethers are few and far between now . But I thinks its a given that alcohol religion and politics dont mix well in any gatherings . Hope all goes well and arguments aside you all have a great time.

  3. Sheila

    Well all I can say is good luck, My sister and I tend to differ on many topics, I shall be visiting her next weelk in the south East , Good weekend I hope you enjoy your family get together.. hugs Sheila xx

  4. Robin

    Hi Penny, sounds nomal to me. LOLTake care, love Robin.xxx

  5. Louise

    Hi Pen, sounds like fun to me lol. I often wonder how I would have turned out with sibling rivalry lol, then when I see friends with their siblings I thank the lord I was an only child lol. My lots a right set of odd bods so I can’t see yours being as bad as mine lol. Have a nice weekend chick.Bright blessings xxx

  6. Jodine Derena

    Yeah I think most families are like this. Each having grown up in a certain role…The Clown, The Rescuer, The Scapegoat etc. Depending on where you are in the family too ie; eldest, middle, youngest or only child. Family dynamics interchange. The eldest is often more responsible and anal or uptight, the middle is often overlooked or invisible and the youngest is usually doted on and can get away with murder. It certainly is interesting and cool to be able to have an ‘outside’ observer like your sis-in-law. Take it easy Pen. Love ya. Jx


    Hahhah I have five sisters, who are all much older than me and when we, on rare occasions get together, they all talk at the same time and I sit amazed that they can still follow the conversation hahaha

  8. Deb's

    morning Penny ((hugs))that sounds like a normal family to me, or by my past experiences from the large weekly gatherings at my nanas in days gone by, you could guarantee at least one argument and there was always the potential for blood being spilled … and that was just the adults….lollove n hugsdebsxXx

  9. Karen

    Only just saw this Penny, so good luck even though it’s belated. Sounds pretty normal to me too btw :)

  10. Happy

    Even an innocent game of charades? Whew and I thought our family was twitchy. Gotta luv’em. They’re family.

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