Learning to say no.

I had a message today, from a person who has just started on WLS, asking to join my network.  I said no for several reasons.  The first reason is,considering my space is closed, to all but my friends, how would they know about me.  Another reason is they did not have anything on their space.  How could I get to know them?  The strongest reason I refused their offer is based on all the trouble my friends have been getting from bloggers who are not the person they purport to be but are on WLS with malicious intent alone.  It is such a shame this happens.  I am far more cynical (if possible) now, than when I started keeping a blog.  Too many of my friends have had their sites threatened with closure due to unwarranted complaints.  There have been too many unsolicited offensive comments, left for all the world to see, upsetting the people I have come to regard as friends.  I am left with no option but to harden my heart and learn to say thanks but no thanks, for the time being.



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5 responses to “Learning to say no.

  1. Curiosity

    I agree. Can’t be too careful.

  2. Robin

    Good for you Penny.

  3. Happy

    Agree. Understand.Yet more than a few welcomed me when worrdzoo was little more than an outpost.However, now I ignore invites/invitations(feeling entwiddled in guilt at times)and respond to comments and GB entries.Was really dismayed that spacers I knowharassed and/or threatened and glad youspeak about this openly. I am, perhaps, notcynical just continue to be cautious and suchposts like your reminder help me to rememberoriginal instructions of family/friends before going on lineBe careful, be careful, it can get ugly out there. Somevery young (adolescents) already have experienced someextreme cyberugliness and they talk from experience.So I just see who visits/how s/he visits and then go visiting.Like I am now. Sorry to be blabbing. Am leaving a blueberrypie and a big tub of pansies for the front stoop.Hugs

  4. Deb's

    morning Penny, ((hugs))I closed my friends list at the turn of the year, so now the only way I can receive invites is if the person asks me in a message or note, same goes for messenger too, my site has been closed since around about the same time, I understand that learning to say no is so hard on here, but if the person is genuine they will understand it isnt personal, and that taking the time to get to know one another either through comments or messages before expecting to be added to a list, when lets face it 9 times out of 10 your forgotten about anyway…lollove and hugsdebsxXx

  5. Philip

    I get these ALL the time too! They add me not just on WLS’s but MSN too, when I go to their spaces there’s sod all on it to get a little insight in to their personality and what they’re like. I think they only bother so they can add a more people to MSN, not WLS’s, they probably don’t even know they’re doing it!As for those people you mentioned getting deleted, do you mean those stupid yanks? Capt Qylude and Blog Helpper? They did it to me trying to wind me up but I just gave them a few straight replys and never rised to the bate, they soon got bored and buggered off. It’s obvious they can’t delete me because WLS’s was going to delete me once but I moved the offending pic, and if they found nothing wrong with my blogs then the they wont now.

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