Fortuitous little memory lapse

With six days to go, before more money coming in, the barest of food essentials in freezer and larder and no tobacco, I was in a bit of a grump this morning.  I thought I would distract myself by washing all the glasses when, as if by magic, I found this, hiding in the cabinet.

banknoteOh, joy of joys, I had forgotten I had squirreled it away, during a time of plenty. I am sitting here with my black coffee and puffing away, with a smug smile on my face.  I have always been a bit of a squirrel and I have many happy memories of similar finds.  Being a bit vague in some areas of the the memory department, has sometimes led to surprisingly happy discoveries.  I used to hide things in books until I remembered I had, once but could not remember which book.  I own literally hundreds of books, so the resultant search was tedious to say the least!  I wonder, does anyone else hide money, for a rainy day and then forget about it?



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8 responses to “Fortuitous little memory lapse

  1. Curiosity

    Oh yes!! I have an awful memory and usually forget I have written stuff down that I needed to remember. I think I had tucked away £80 behind the dash of my old motor for emergencies, the car is long gone now. I wonder if anyone found the cash.

  2. penny

    @ Anne. Hehehe. A nice bonus for someone!


    where’s mine…?

  4. Sheila

    Oh What a lovely surprise Pen that must have been, yippeeee

  5. Jake

    I used to squirrel away money all of the time and forget where I hid it. And yes, it was always a pleasant find when I came across it. Michael once tucked £250 under the floor boards and forget it for over a year. Then one day when we were desperate, he remember! xx

  6. ravingpoet

    No magic books or cupboards here. :(

  7. Happy

    I so enjoy this post! I so squirrel moola away as grew up quite poor and suffered great poverty during undergraduate years. I am also memory-impaired at times, or just a bit doozy so it is always lovely to find this treasure and often after a concerted throughout household because I know there’s got to be something some-where. Can just see/feel the delight of such a find and so like graphic accompanying this post. Good for you! I am happy for you :) Happy Plus Post.

  8. Happy

    Left tin of tobacco on giveaway table for you :)

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