Not much to write

It is a wild and woolly day out there and Wendell loves it.  With his ears flying in the air, he cavorted about our local green, like a spring lamb.  We can no longer use the beach nearest to us because it is closed to dogs for the season.  Terry takes him for a walk at a beach, further away but that is too far for me to walk.  We took Wendell to the vet the other day, for worming and weighing and he is now, officially, a medium sized dog.  He has grown so fast and now weighs 22 lbs, most of which is solid muscle.  My cats still treat him as an interloper and miss no opportunity to snag him with their claws, if he walks too close. He repays them with the occasional game of chase.  I don’t have much to write today, so I shall sign off, Pen.



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5 responses to “Not much to write

  1. Sheila

    Hi Pen shame about the beach closure for the season very inconvienient, they do the same down here in Cornwall.Still haven’t attempted to take Wile-e to the beach yet, maybe soon. Windy here to, nice temptures of about 18c today have a good day.He’s a lovely dog your Wendall a little tuffy by the sounds of it. xx Take care Sheila

  2. Martin

    I can see him playing ears flapping in the wind LOLBeen checking out your book list, not sure which to try just yet but I will give one a go :-) which will be interesting as I don’t think I have ever tried that genre before.

  3. Jake

    Not much to say today either; had a bad morning, but I’m sure after a workout, I’ll feel brighter. : ) xx Jake

  4. Curiosity

    I don’t think dogs mind where they are as long as they can run around and investigate. My dog Mo loves water and having a bath indoors or out but she will not walk through a puddle and will go to any lengths to avoid doing so……what does she think is in them…..crocodiles!!

  5. Happy

    Goodness Wendell is now 22 lbs. Seems he was just a puppy.

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