For Debs




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5 responses to “For Debs

  1. Curiosity

    scared the living wotnot out of me…..arachnophobic I am………need to prepare for pic like that. I do admire spiders though, they fascinate me but I have an illogical fear of being too close to them. I can tolerate the ones in the garden.

  2. Deb's

    cheers Penny…. that’s looking very like the one from my garden.just finsished putting the link on my blog too…huge thanks and ((hugs)) because i know you dont like them eitherlove debsxXx

  3. Philip

    Hi Pen!Glad my little mock-up made you laugh! :0) That spider looks very much like a Black Widow if I’m not mistaken! Black Widows usualy have a red stripe on their backs though, I can’t tell if this guy has that. It’d be wise to wipe them out if they’re in your garden, they’re deadly!Hope the week is going okay for you! :)- Phil

  4. Sheila

    yikes is that a black widow.

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