One thing that has struck me many times, here on spaces, is the abundance of spirituality people have.  Regardless of faith or creed, most of the bloggers I come in contact with, hold firm beliefs and live by them.  I find it comforting, so many of us on here, feel free to express their thoughts on the subject and frequently do.  Does this mean that I am surrounded by good people, living their lives with the greater good foremost in their thoughts?  Maybe the writers on here are drawn together in a commonality, unique to WLS.  Where have all the ne’er do wells gone?

From a personal perspective, I worship and fear my God.  Death is omnipresent amongst us but it is death that is the final, blessed release; from pain, mental or physical and it is those left behind, to mourn, that suffer most.  So, I say to those amongst us who have lost a loved one or are about to, look to your own faith to support you, happy in the knowledge that they live on in your memory.  Grief is bearable and not to be embraced.



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5 responses to “Faith

  1. Martin

    Wise words :-)


    Nicely written Penny and a good post for a Sunday, my faith in all around me does not allow me to fear Death, as a past scientist I know many things, but there are many I cannot explain…

  3. Jake

    I have believed in the Christian god most of my life; but now I am not so sure… However, I do believe in a power greater than myself, something that has touched me on a level that cannot be denied. Whether there is a life after death, I don’ know. And, for myself, I don’t care. Sometimes the grieving process can take years; something I am just now beginning to understand. But we learn from our grief and it can, if we let it, help us to grow as loving beings. It can also, if we let it, close us off and turn us inward and bitter.Good post Pen.

  4. Deb's

    morning Pen ( a quick glance at the clock to make sure it was still )one of the things i enjoy about WLS is the fact it offers a platform to talk about anything we want or feel the need to discuss. when it comes to grief, I have found that it is a process that once it begins, with each person you have loved who has passed on, they never leave us, in essence we carry them with us in our hearts and when we encounter something we know they would have enjoyed in life we allow them to share the experience. it is for me a continuation of the person i have lost physically, because spiritually we never lose them, not that any of that makes any difference when the pain of loss is new. excellent piece hunlove n hugsdebsxXx

  5. Happy

    Good Morning Penny. Yes, the openly expressed statements of and expressions of spirituality have connected me well with people on spaces. Happily so. Surprisingly so in that it’s been done without attacks or interrogations but acceptance. I presume acceptance but it ‘feels’ like acceptance of this part of me without jabs. That has been a revelation for me because there can be such personal attacks in-person. Here on spaces I ‘feel’ the listening. Thanks for openly posting that bit. Grieving is such psychological, physical, emotional and spiritual work. Faith has been especially important when I watched those close to me suffering at death or just in life’s tragic circumstances. Faith somehow made it more bearable. Take care.

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