Faded Hopes

bored1.gif bored image by bless888

My hopes for being a Euro millionaire have faded into obscurity, like my poem, Pipe Dream. I have walked Wendell, tidied, prepared tonight’s dinner, done the washing, read my book for a while, commented on peoples posts and now I am bored. I think I may play one of my war games in a minute but I fear that may bore me even more. This is the main problem with not working for a living. When I was a kitchen manager, I had no time to be bored; quite the opposite. My days were rigidly structured and I felt useful, full of vigour and occupied to the hilt. Oh well, back to more thumbs twiddling…sigh!



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5 responses to “Faded Hopes

  1. ..

    Oh, Pen. What is it that you would really like to do? Is there something?Maybe write another poem, maybe read some more, watch a movie ? What’s the weather?Go for some more walks? How’s Terry? Do something together that you both enjoy !!!What about the MQ … hehehe. Of course you’re useful just bored. That’s all. That has nothing to do with your value as a human neeing !!!LOVE you tons and take care !!!! Alex xxx

  2. Jennifer

    @Pen, being a millionaire is not all that nice, just imagine s/he has to worry about the blackmail kdinapping thing every day!;) And being at home walking dogs,gardening, and cooking is not all that bad neither. Perhaps you can think about making handcrafts, weaving baskets or planting more flowers for sale, so that you can kill time on one hand and make money on the other. :D

  3. Martin

    One day those number will come up :-)

  4. Happy

    Too well I know this boredom, a feeling of being stranded. It’s an odd sort of mental/emotional space, strange how one just finds one’s self mired in boredom.

  5. cheryl

    Everybody feels like that at some point, maybe even many points, in their live. You are far from being useless and hopefully this feeling will pass in time. "With maturity comes the courage and ability to slow the hectic pace of life.The wise know that a journey is meaningless without occasionally stopping to enjoy the view."Hope you have a good evening, Pen. I’m off to lob something in the oven and watch Primevil. I started to tidy upstairs in my flat and it’s at that annoying state where it looks worse than when you started and you feel like throwing everything out the window…!! Hope you feel a bit perkier xxx

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