Pipe dream….just a quickie.


pink - Copy


Pipe dream


Warm glow suffusing old bones

Rapture at images

As I float above my dreams

Wisps of smoke curling

Mingling with euphoria

All worries fade

All cares disappear

As I breathe deeply and sigh

A familiar high

Engulfs me

As I dream of my lottery win.




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5 responses to “Pipe dream….just a quickie.

  1. Jessica

    I think we must be reading each other’s blogs at the same time! I love the last line, Pen. Try the Euromillions tonight – it’s £110 million!! Think of all the shoes!

  2. Curiosity

    I came to pc to get euromillions online, got stuck into other stuff first and completely forgot. It could have been all mine, mine I tell you.

  3. Mountain

    We did buy our Lotto tickets today. We never seem to win much, but we can dream. Sorry I have not been on MSN much for a while and now and putting more time into it. Sometimes I just run out of things to write about or just do not feel like writing. Great poetry and photos. I love the colors of the earth on the Arizona/Utah border. Bryce Canyon is one of my favorite places to visit. I always have to do the scenic drive when in the area. As for me, thank goodness for Spell Check! Take care,

  4. Martin

    Love the poem :-)

  5. Happy

    The dream of the win is such bliss. In my daydreams I have spent biggybillions. Love the imagery of floating in a dream.

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