The Wave


The Wave is a red-rock stunner on the border of Arizona and Utah, made of 190-million-year-old sand dunes that have turned to rock.

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8 responses to “The Wave

  1. Curiosity

    I wonder what it feels like to touch.

  2. Deb's

    hiya pen ((hugs))the hubby and I visited AZ, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico, back in 2001, but this is one of the sights we missed, our time was cut shorter by 9/11 because everything closed during the first few days, but i would love to go back… the main thing is next time we go i’ll be shooting my piccies on digital rather than film,… i ended up using 45 rolls of film when we were there… the hubby used 5…lollove n hugsdebsxxx

  3. Martin

    it looks like nature’s brush strokes and she is an artest indeed

  4. penny

    @Debs….wow, great holiday. No wonder you used so much film.

  5. Chris

    Pa has pics of this from when he went over there to sing in a barbershop convention.Now there’s a sentence you wouldn’t expect eh ?he heStunning place – The outers of Birth, as David Attenbourough describes it.Love the contours – Has a surreal atmosphere.Wheely must be chuffed he didn’t come last btwlolBetter luck next timeCx

  6. ..

    A beauty that makes a claim upon my heart! I am sure that if I’d go for a hike there, my ecpectation would be exceded. As I look at the picture I see something, rough and … soft in the same time. Wild and subdued. It is breathtaking !!! LOVE, Alex xxxxPS. Oh, now I see the mention !

  7. Happy

    OMG This is just jaw dropping, Mine. I have to get out of the house more often. Thanks for pics!! [Re. Mixed metaphor is my middle…good one. LOL.]

  8. » dave

    The unimaginable pressure, those lines represent, on layer after layer of sand, is the mystery that creates the beauty.

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