Beautiful cave views

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10 responses to “Beautiful cave views

  1. ravingpoet

    These are stunning. There was a documentary last year on extreme caving – the largest cave, pot holers having to crawl inch by inch for several hours along what looked to be little more then a horizontal pipe, and then swimming, holding their breath in a swim of faith to reach a cave they only thought might be there. Really don’t think I could do that.

  2. Jennifer

    Marvels of the mother nature. How fantastic they are. Thanks for sharing, Pen. :)

  3. Deb's

    hiya Penny ((hugs)) love the pictures, just curious though … the one you have on the bottom left of the page .. do you know where it is?I vauely recall an article last week in the papers about the recent discovery of what is thought to be the worlds largest cave to date… was it in vietnam?have a great day hunlove n hugs debsxXx

  4. » dave

    How many had been lit by man-made lighting? There is such a variety of colours or did you use filters? You can’t go wrong with these mysterious perhaps even unnerving (for some people) places. It wouldbe nice to hear these caves as well as falling water even dripping sounds amazing in these acoustic palaces.

  5. Jessica

    Wonderful photos, Pen! I particularly like the pinky one, middle left. Any idea where it is?

  6. penny

    @ people … I just loved the photos….. thought I would share. I try to share literature but people don’t care about that, LOL

  7. Curiosity

    After coming across Devils Arse cave in Peak District I can’t wait for the opportunity to take a weekend break up there.

  8. Happy

    Thanks for posting these amazing photographs. The natural world is just so astonishingly amazingly gorgeous (bit of an understatement). The photographs add to my inspired moment (previous blog entry) to invent a poem or something. Something about love and caves and the sound of water and erosion… er, sorry. Thanks for inspiriting post!

  9. cheryl

    Hi Pen! Wow they are beautiful. My only experience of caving at an outdoor centre in the Peaks many moons ago was much less inspiring and will not be repeated!! Thanks for the photos, Pen. Hope you had a good weekend xx

  10. Happy

    Just trotting back for further inspiration. Given how slowly I write a poem, look for it in next season’s ‘From The Winter Series II’. LOL. Hope you had a fabulous day across the ocean. Eye appt. went pretty good. New prescription again so just make text on screen larger. I always tell (advise?) (nag?) people with great vision to drink in all the visual loveliness of the world. It is so beautiful when I look (really look) at all the details sometimes. Like these caves. What amazing spaces.

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