Passed on from a concerned friend of mine




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4 responses to “Hedgehogs

  1. Robin

    Thankyou Penny.

  2. Sheila

    Funny you should say that Pen I have just sent off for a hedgehog house, so the little guys can eat and sleep without being interupted. Shall visit that web. Thanks Pen xx


    I have Hedgepiggies in my garden in Cornwall… Nice roasted with a little apple sauce… but seriously I really love them, but be careful if you ever pick one up as they are covered in fleas the poor little chaps…And now a true story…One morning a couple of years ago I was driving out of home with ‘her in doors’ and saw a hedgehog crossing the road.. Now nothing unusual there, but his one was wearing a pot noodle pot for a hat…! He had put his head in the pot and his spines had got caught and no amount of wagging his snout would remove it. Luckily for him I stopped and removed it gently so that he could get back on with his business..The FATMAN.. XXX for changing the colour of your text so I can read you blog…

  4. Happy

    Had to check. We do not have hedgehogs in Canada/N.America, although there are breeders of HHs as pets. In Canada we have porcupines but these considered a difference class of rodent. I know I wouldn’t want a porcupine in my garden due to dangerousness of barbed quills. Are hedgehog quills not/less dangerous? Just read below that one buys hedgehog houses for guest HHs. This is very sweet.

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