“Bill & Ben The Flower Pot Men”



Yep, it is that time of the year again.  There are plants to be planted, weeds to be weeded and lawns to be….mown.  Everything is bursting with vigour in the garden now and the weeds seem double they were last year.  My back aches from stooping in order to dig the pesky devils out.  All my shrubs are in need of trimming but I must wait until flowering is over.  I have not even started my baskets yet, because money is tight.  I hope you enjoyed my blast from the past, although I fear many of you are too young to remember Bill and Ben…….sigh.  See ya, P




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7 responses to ““Bill & Ben The Flower Pot Men”

  1. Curiosity

    I have just come in from the garden..to check on the ebay little cat, but I was outbid…the dandelions are everywhere, why don’t we chose weeds for our flowers, they are much more successful! A weed is only a flower growing in the wrong place. There is a dreadful weedy thing with roots entangled around the dogwood roots. Dunno what it is but it is worse than bind weed …it lets you pull it up no bother but that just disguises its deadly secrect of a network of creeping roots that sprout from every broken part of it. Thankfully it is only in one small area of the garden. I am late doing the baskets too and getting the veg garden on the go.

  2. Curiosity

    Just checked online…it is Ground Elder. Double edged sword or what!…..bending down and crawling under bushes to be rid of the wretched stuff made my back and knees’ ache, it apparently was used for aching muscles and rheumatism in days of old and bought over by the Romans. Here is what one bloke had to say about it…. Nicholas Culpepper (17th century astrologer-physician)"Upon experiment it is found to heal the gout and sciatica. It is also used for aching joints and other cold pains."It says not to put it in the compost bin so I think I’ll boil it up and have some tea, or rub it in, not sure so best chuck it in incinerator!

  3. penny

    @ Anne. Ground elder is an invasive little so and so. Thanks for the info on it, LOL. Have a good rest, now, see ya, Pen.

  4. Happy

    Happy like Happy Flower Pot Men. Love these archival moments. Yes gardening in YVR begins. Lawn is mowed and considering what to grace planters with this season. Been a bit sad to begin flower gardening as Mallow (Malva), almost 7 feet tall, went during cold snowy season and a tea rose bush. Winter was too cold in YVR and so we are replanting. Hope gardening going well for you. I like flower gardening. Oh, like that would be a big surprise.

  5. penny

    @ Happy…..Sorry for your losses! It is always sad to lose old friends like your Malva and Tea Rose bush.

  6. Jennifer

    Oh I see, my dear Penny, garden work always takes time, especially when spring comes and weeds remain their indomitable nature, and yet I presume one can always reap a lot of fun by trimming, weeding and planting. Can’t help imagining the weeks to come when Pen’s Garden is full of beautiful flowers and I can almost smell that romantic atmosphere:). But do take care of your back.

  7. Jessica

    Enjoyed the video, Pen! Must ask my Grandad if he remembers Bill and Ben! (Any chance of you changing your font – it’s very small and hard to read, I tend to skip through blogs).

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