A simple touch

Have you ever noticed how the simple touch of the hand can add so much meaning to the spoken word or even silence.  I was on a crowded commuter train, once, when a stocky business type and a foreign gentleman chose that moment to express their pent up aggression by shoving each other.  It could have escalated horribly but I put a hand on each of the blokes arms and said “Guys” and guess what, they stopped.  Now I am convinced it was because I had touched them in a friendly way that did the trick.

A friendly touch can tacitly communicate empathy and sympathy, without any need for words.  I am not the friendliest of people but I do believe that if we all used this form of communication a bit more, the world would be a friendlier place.



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3 responses to “A simple touch

  1. Karen

    I think you’re right Penny, and sometimes a touch just brings people round so to speak as if it reminds them there are others on the scene. Well done for getting involved, not sure I would have been so brave (I’d like to think I would tho) Have a great weekend luv Karen x

  2. Robin

    That’s a lovely story Penny.Umm, you said,, "I am not the friendliest of people"Penny! I think you are really. You are a good friend to me and i love you for it.

  3. lisa

    fully agree. empathy and sympathy both seem to be becoming something from the past. have a good bank holiday . take vare Lisa

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