Whistling Vincent

I am a whistler.  When I am not in the company of others, I frequently whistle and I am very good at it.  When I was a little girl, I got slapped for whistling, by my Father, who said it was not lady like.This has never bothered me in the least.  I cannot play an instrument, so whistling is my way of producing music.If you chance upon me, whilst I am whistling, you can tell my mood by my choice of tune; Beautiful Dreamer, signifies trouble; Conquistadore , from Carmen,means I am busy working and Vincent means I am relaxed. Now there is the rub.  No matter where I am, if I whistle Vincent, cats coming running from all over the place.  If I am in the garden, strange cats appear.  Now, the thing I want to know is, are they drawn to the pitch in that particular tune, do they like the song, or is my projected emotion reaching them?  No other tune has this effect.  Go figure!!



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9 responses to “Whistling Vincent

  1. Curiosity

    Just whistled it myself and I sound like a sad bird singing for the last time , so maybe the cats think it is a dying bird and an easy meal.Thanks for that Pen, cannot get the blasted tune out of my head now.. it will be there all day, I know it will!

  2. penny

    @Anne…..Thanks for the dying bird angle, LOL

  3. Martin

    I am a whistler too but oddly only when I have a headache, I know daft but true made worse by the fact that I am then annoying myself for doing it LOLAt least yours seems to be of a more sensible nature :-)

  4. Sheila

    Good for you Pen I think whistling does lift your spirits , and I think it must have been the pitch of the whistle for the cats to respond … I liked this blog Pen well-done. Have a good day. xx

  5. Deb's

    lmao… no idea, but gives a whole new meaning to the term cat womanhave a great day loven hugsdebsxXx

  6. Jennifer

    What an admirable gift to be able to whistle, Pen! I used to tryto learn whistling when I was a little girl, but soon found out no matter how hard I had tried, my mouth still failed to produce the expected sound or can I say it is rythem or melody? Hehe, what kind of tune are you whistling now, Pen? Hope it is Vincient! Have a nice weekend! :)

  7. Jennifer

    Like your new background color red, full of passion and love!:P

  8. Robin

    Yes, this colour is very warm!I can whistle, but not very good at it.Next time you whistle Vincent get someone to video it!What a laugh to see all the cats gathering.You have a talent there Penny.LOL

  9. Sorry you were slapped for trying to express yourself as a child Penny. I think Animals must love you. Freddie comes to strange things but thats me. He is used to me and my antics. .Good thing. Any other animal would pack up and move. Wally my dog nips him on the tail and the race is on . Its priceless. They play so well and to think at one time they tired to kill each other. Wally is a blue Healer. Thanks for always cheering me on . Pen I need it. It has been hard I have to say. I have been out almost everyday this week. I just cant stay here and clean up the mess anymore. Im glad its almost over. Almost. Then I have to get all my things back out and in order. Have a Great Sunday.Lisa

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