Wink wink, nudge nudge.



The hero in my latest reading material, winked and it got me thinking about this discreet type of communication.  There are, of course, many forms this expression can take, from the less than subtle wink that accompanies a leer, to the barely discernable wink my mother used to show solidarity, on occasion.  I have also used this discreet wink with my sons, when they were young, when I wanted them to not disagree with me in company or to show tacit agreement with them.  A wink has the power to embrace the receiver with a warm, intimate glow or to repel with the speed of lightning.

In other countries than my own, the wink can have different meanings.  In Asia, it is considered offensive and in Nigeria it is used as a signal for children to leave the room.

Not everyone can wink with ease and it is usual for one eye to be better at winking than the other.  All in all, the wink is quite a powerful little aid to human interaction, even if it does look like a nervous tic.



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11 responses to “Wink wink, nudge nudge.

  1. ..

    Woooowwwww … what a dramatic change !!! GREAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like it !!!!!!!!Hehehe … you’re right that not anybody can wink … when I was a child I’d close my BOTH eyes really tight. Discreet, huh? Oh well, today I’m better but I have to admit, that I don’t do it oftern. GREAT BLOG !!!!Take good care of you and I hope you have a wonderful evening. LOVE, Alex xxxxx

  2. Jessica

    You could take this further and find out about sayings like ‘forty winks’ and ‘I couldn’t sleep a wink’? Get on to it, Pen!!

  3. Deb's

    hiya pen ((hugs))i best not go to Asia then, cos i am always winking, even in my blogs, comments and messenger conversations, as for which eye, my right one is my winking eye, the left one just makes me look like I’ve got a twitch associated with some condition that is best associated with one of those love me hug me jackets.loven hugsdebsxXx

  4. penny

    @ Jess,…. you are the research queen! I am the lazy one!

  5. ..

    Ok, here are some more:quick as a wink; nod is as good as a wink to a blind horse; wink something away; tip the wink … etcLOVE ALEX WINKEY !!!!!!!

  6. ..

    Hehehehe … can you tell I needed to relax just a bit ???Now here’s the nudge: nudge someone = to push or bump someone or something out of the way.I’ll get out of the way now … hehehehe . WINK, WINK, NUDGE, NUDGE

  7. ..


  8. Curiosity

    Something I have not really thought about to put into words, winks just happen in a millisecond but well deserving of your attention to them. Thanks, its made me ponder.

  9. Martin

    I know what you mean the simple act of closing an eye can carry so much meaning but have you noticed how it is not so much the eye as how the face frames it that carry the message :-) Apologies for my absence but we think things maybe nearly normal again here LOL (fingers crossed)

  10. Happy

    Good one. Wink. Wow you redecorated! Looks great. Wink

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