Hog Roast a great day out

The day out yesterday went great.  The weather was beautiful, the music was great, the food was yummy and the company was excellent.  Terry says the selection of real ales was good, although you had to buy a glass for your first beer.  This resulted in two pints of beer costing £11.60p.Bit of a rip off but we did not let it spoil our day.  Little Izzy was in fine fettle and was the star of our group.  I left the taking of photos too late, so there is no photo of the whole roasting pig.  There is also no photo of my son, the chef and no photo of Terry or myself.  I can be useless with a camera, if I am enjoying myself.

Last night, I caught up on my sleep and feel really refreshed this morning.  Pen.



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5 responses to “Hog Roast a great day out


    Better to be enjoying yourself than worrying about photographs.. I often forget the camera completely and get soundly beated by ‘her in doors’. I have tried to leave a camera in the car but I always need to bring it in to recharge the battery or off load the pics in a computer hahahah..I love a Hog roast and there is a local farm near here in Pisa that does one occasionally but we have to drink wine and not beer, personally I enjoy a good real ale standing in the sun whilst wooofing fresh crackling with luscious meat and a bit of apple sauce.. You have my mouth dribbling at the thought and have made me very envious hahahhahaHave a great day Penny.. X

  2. Jennifer

    What a nice hanging out, Pen! Now I really want to have a sip of the real alses;). Hehe, taking photos for others can be fun too. Actually I feel a little awkward when others are taking photos of me, so most of my photos are about the nature and the buildings. Hope you are having a lovely Monday. :)Jen

  3. ..

    This looks like a great day out !!! IZZIE is reallly cute !!!Don’t worry about the camera !!! If you enjoyed yourself … that’s the most inportant thing!I’m glad you’re better this morning! Yoou can have another pint then … heheheTake good care and have a wonderful week. LOVE, Alex xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Jessica

    So glad you had a wonderful day, Penny! The photos are great! You are very fortunate to have such a lovely family – spend as much time with them as you can.

  5. Sheila

    What a lovley time had by all Pen so glad you had a good time , well thats what it’s all about. Re freshed eye thats a nice feeling to. xx

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